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"The best measure of performance is to try out a new vendor's offer"

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We Help Clients Succeed in
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Our Story



DAZE began serving international retailers in 1993, providing high-quality shop solutions. With concept and technical design, prototyping, own manufacturing, installation and logistics services. During the last 20 years, the company began to build a global presence. We not only participated in various exhibitions, but we also worked with clients and partners around the world to advance our scope of service. In the future, we will keep focusing on customer needs and relationships and continue providing the best products and solutions. We are working across Onland & Onboard retail, exhibition, hospitality, private sector and corporate environments.

A One-Stop Vendor for Outstanding Service


Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, including worldwide retailers, department store groups, brand owners, Shipyards, Ship owners, architects and private home owners. DAZE brings together professionals with different expertise's to create solutions for interior design, shop display manufacturing, furnishing and Window design & manufacturing. We fulfill every challenging need involved in impressive furniture and shop solutions.

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