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  • Does DAZE W&IP cooperate with international clients?

    Yes, we offer services for clients from all around the world. We do not focus on doing business only with contractors from particular locations.


  • Do you work only with world-wide known brands or also with individual clients?

    Our company cooperates with different clients, from world-wide known brands, through medium and small companies to individual clients. We treat each and every client with the utmost importance.


  • What is an approximate  time of realization of  a project?

    It depends on many factors, but we specialize in both realization of projects planned months before and those with very short delivery times.


  • Do you also provide project concepts?

    Yes, we do provide project concepts, detailed plans and technical projects. You do not need to prepare any documentation before consulting us. We work both with clients who have their project concepts and with clients who have just outline ideas.


  • What materials do you use in your production process?

    We use different materials in our projects, it depends on a client's needs. We can offer Greencast® acrylic materials,  wood with FSC certification and metal material among other things.


  • Do you offer full-service realizations?

    Yes, we offer turnkey solutions. DAZE W&IP cooperates with selected suppliers in order to provide our clients with the best quality services. We can take care of a whole process of realization of the project, from a concept project through technical project, logistics, installation on the location and maintenance.


  • Will I have an individual project manager assigned to my project?

    Yes, each client is served by an individual project manager who takes care of all the details of the project and is in constant contact with a client.


  • What does the process of cooperation between the company and the client looks like?

    The client sends us the concept plan of the project including materials description or just an outline idea of the project. Then company prepares a project quotation. After that we provide technical projects. If there is a need, we send a prototype of the product to the client (which is free if the project is finally approved).

    The next step is production and logistics. All products are always secured and perfectly prepared for shipping. We attach installation instructions and all the necessary tools with the shipments.

    If the project is complex and there is such a need, we send our team to install the products on the location and offer maintenance service.

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