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Interior vinyl wrapping

Whether you have a new build, are looking for a complete interior refit or to smarten up certain interior elements Onboard or Onland - we can help.

Our ability to refresh and refurbish yacht or residential interiors is well respected. We are working closely with architects, designers, build & refit managers, interior designers, retail managers, residential owners and ship owners. Vinyl wrapping allows us to achieve outstanding new quality finishes in a short space of time that last whilst ensuring significant cost savings.

With the use of 3M's revolutionary DI-NOC architectural vinyl, we are able to achieve outstanding and long-lasting results using special effects and textured films to give your interior a new lease of life to meet your requirements in a short space of downtime.


DAZE wrapping’s experienced fitters can apply architectural finishes to a range of surfaces from furniture, fixtures, wall panels, doors, staircases, kitchens, overhead panels, showers, elevators, switches & buttons, and flat surfaces to impossibly compound surfaces.

Interior wrapping provides the perfect option to refresh your interior from general wear and tear. 

With special effects and textured films such as marble, wood grain, leather, silk, chrome, carbon, textile and metals, our interior finishes retain value and are available in over 900 different textures and effects, which resist water, impact and mould. 

Premium finishes

Quick installation


Easy to maintain

Over 900 3M Marine Interior

  Premium Finish Options
• Fine Woods, Metals, Marbles,

  Stones and Leathers
• Ideal For Walls, Cabinets, Doors,

   Furniture, Counter Tops, Cabins
• Use On Metal, Wood, Glass and

  Complex Surfaces

• No Lengthy Refit Period
• Transform Interiors In Days
• Low Downtime
• Applied In A Matter Of Days
• No Dust, Mess or Removal
• Minimal Disruption Onboard

• Resists Water, Dirt, Impact,

  Wear, Abrasion and Mould
• Lasts Up to 10 Years
• Class 0 and 1 Retardant
• UV Resistant
• Protects the Surface

• Easy To Clean
• Stain Resistant
• Easy To Replace

Let us do your wrapping job. Fast and professional.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

DAZE Wrapping Team

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